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JOWA Family Reunion Fundraising Package is now available!

We are Family and we want you to help us memorialize this once-in-a-generation family reunion by purchasing one or more of these beautiful, branded family reunion souvenir packages.  Each package includes high quality functional items that you can use and enjoy several times over:
  1. A large branded zippered tote bag with water bottle holder.
  2. A heavy duty set of branded tumbler glasses that are as sturdy as they are beautiful.
  3. A set of branded slate coaster with holders.
  4. A powerful branded cell phone charger that will recharge your phone up to 2 times daily.
  5. A very practical and functional cell phone Lanyard that fits any cell phone that can be worn around the neck for immediate access and ease of use; includes space for credit cards, ID, etc.
So please help us by purchasing one or more of these beautiful souvenir packages.  We will see you in Washington DC!!

Click here to order your package.



A message from the Chicago Connection:

This year marks 160 years since the birth of our matriarch, Lucinda Butler-Jones Walker, who was born June 20, 1858.  In August 2019, we will be in Washington DC.  Family members are already working hard to plan for this special time for us. DC has been suggested for years as the reunion venue and now it is finally happening. It is a place filled with many unique and interesting things to do-but it is also expensive.  Our planning team in DC could use our help and the help of family in other cities, too.  This is where we step up and help!

As the Chicago Connection, who has labored together for years to plan reunions and raise funds such as throwing parties, selling food, etc. to support reunions in others cities, we recognize the hard-work, strategic planning and growing expenses involved in pulling off a successful reunion.  In lieu of parties and other labor-intensive fundraising activities, we are pursuing the start-up of a GO FUND ME online donation page that will help decrease the costs of some of the expense that the DC Reunion will entail.  Let’s all consider giving whatever we can to help make this DC trip a reality for many by decreasing the cost and, by assisting the planning committee in DC with early demands of up-front expenses, such as deposits on activities and venues, etc.

Here are some ways to help:

Commit to getting at least 5 family members to donate $50

Commit to personal donations of:





Our goal is for the Chicago Connection to donate $5000 toward the Washington DC Reunion 2019!

We can do this! Will you help?

Click here to donate!

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